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At Injury Law Partners, we are dedicated to fighting tirelessly for our clients until justice is served. During their careers, our team of expert personal injury attorneys have helped secure more than $350,000,000 for clients.* Our results are clear.

Our victories have not only provided our clients with the financial resources they need to recover and rebuild their lives but have also sent a powerful message to the insurance companies and those whose conduct and defective products have injured our clients.

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  1. $160,000,000 Gas explosions
  2. $26,550,000 Workplace Accidents
  3. $19,100,000 Trucking Accidents
  4. $16,950,000 Electrical Contact Accident
  5. $9,600,000 Product Liability
  6. $8,000,000 Workplace Accident
  7. $7,600,000 Workplace Accident
  8. $7,250,000 Workplace Accidents
  9. $6,000,000 Premises Liability
  10. $5,000,000 Workplace Accidents
  11. $5,000,000 Trucking Accident
  12. $4,200,000 Workplace Accident
  13. $4,000,000 Claims against Alcohol Servers
  14. $3,500,000 Auto Defects/Crashworthiness
  15. $3,250,000 Premises Liability
  16. $3,100,000 Construction Accidents
  17. $3,000,000 Workplace Accidents
  18. $2,925,000 Machine Guarding Accident
  19. $2,850,000 Product Liability
  20. $2,650,000 Machine Guarding Accidents
  21. $2,400,000 Auto Defects/Crashworthiness
  22. $2,150,000 Construction Accidents
  23. $2,000,000 Workplace Accidents
  24. $1,875,000 Workplace Accident
  25. $1,700,000 Aerial lift tip-over/accident
  26. $1,500,000 Aerial lift tip-over/accident
  27. $1,200,000 Workplace Accident
  28. $1,200,000 Construction Accident
  29. $1,112,500 Electrical Contact Accidents
  30. $1,075,000 Aerial lift tip-over/accidents
  31. $1,050,000 Electrical Contact Accidents
  32. $1,000,000 Construction Accidents
  33. $1,000,000 Machine Guarding Accidents
  34. $1,000,000 Electrical Contact Accident
  35. $985,000 Product Liability
  36. $925,000 Car Accident
  37. $900,000 Gas explosion
  38. $890,000 Construction Accidents -over/accidents
  39. $850,000 Aerial lift tip-over/accidents
  40. $750,000 Electrical Contact Accidents
  41. $700,000 Trucking Accident
  42. $650,000 Workplace Accident
  43. $250,000 Sports and Recreational Injuries
  44. $125,000 Trucking Accident
  1. $70,000,000 Gas explosions
  2. $22,000,000 Machine Guarding Accidents
  3. $17,000,000 Product Liability
  4. $15,000,000 Electrical Contact Accident
  5. $8,500,000 Workplace Accidents
  6. $7,800,000 Gas explosion
  7. $7,500,000 Workplace Accident
  8. $6,200,000 Workplace Accidents
  9. $5,250,000 Aerial lift tip-over/accident
  10. $5,000,000 Workplace Accident
  11. $4,515,000 Gas explosion
  12. $4,000,000 Electrical Contact Accident
  13. $3,750,000 Trucking Accident
  14. $3,300,000 Product Liability
  15. $3,125,000 Motorcycle Accidents
  16. $3,000,000 Auto Defects/Crashworthiness
  17. $2,950,000 Auto Defects/Crashworthiness
  18. $2,850,000 Electrical Contact Accident
  19. $2,750,000 Product Liability
  20. $2,500,000 Auto Defects/Crashworthiness
  21. $2,250,000 Product Liability
  22. $2,100,000 Aerial lift tip-over/accident
  23. $2,000,000 Auto Defects/Crashworthiness
  24. $1,850,000 Construction Accident
  25. $1,500,000 Auto Defects/Crashworthiness
  26. $1,225,000 Aerial lift tip-over/accidents
  27. $1,200,000 Electrical Contact Accidents
  28. $1,200,000 Premises Liability
  29. $1,100,000 Claims against Alcohol Servers
  30. $1,050,000 Building collapse
  31. $1,010,000 Aerial lift tip-over/accident
  32. $1,000,000 Trucking Accident
  33. $1,000,000 Personal Injury
  34. $1,000,000 Workplace Accident
  35. $950,000 Aerial lift tip-over/accidents
  36. $900,000 Workplace Accident
  37. $900,000 Electrical Contact Accidents
  38. $875,000 Workplace Accidents
  39. $800,000 Home fires
  40. $750,000 Personal Injury
  41. $700,000 Trucking Accident
  42. $507,500 - Trucking Accidentt
  43. $225,000 Trucking Accident
  44. $105,000 Premises Liability

Cases We
Investigate and Handle

Our attorneys have built a reputation for personal injury excellence. Over the years, \our attorneys have successfully investigated and pursued claims for our clients across a wide range of practice areas, including:

Auto Defects/ Crashworthiness

Construction/Workplace Accidents

Electrical Contact Accidents

Why Choose
Injury Law Partners?

At Injury Law Partners, we are dedicated to passionately advocating for injury victims in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and nationwide - here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Seasoned attorneys with experience handling a wide-range of cases with your best interests at heart.
  2. Commitment to securing justice and appropriate compensation.
  3. Direct communication with the attorneys actually handling your case meaning you won't deal with any figureheads or middlemen.
  4. Free initial consultations.
  5. No-fee promise so we don't get paid until you do.
  6. Convenient office locations in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
Our Core Values
Effective Representation

We are committed to providing specialized expertise in representing personal injury victims. Our attorneys, with decades of experience and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the laws, rules, regulations, and standards applicable to personal injury claims, ensure that your case is handled by a subject matter expert who is best suited to represent your best interests.

Tailored Personal Approach

Recognizing the uniqueness of each personal injury case, we embrace a personalized approach. No two cases are the same and no two clients are the same. We work closely with all of our clients, understanding the specific details of their situations, and tailor legal strategies that meet individual needs. Your case is not just a file; it's a unique journey, and we're dedicated to navigating it with you. We will always prioritize your needs and desires as we work together to hold those who hurt you accountable.

Results-Driven Advocacy

Our track record and results-driven advocacy has helped our clients regain control of their lives after suffering devastating injuries. Our attorneys are exceptional trial lawyers who are willing and able to try your case to a jury. We are also strategic thinkers and skilled negotiators who will creatively promote our clients' best possible outcomes.

Direct Access to Your Lawyer

At Injury Law Partners, one of our founding goals has been client accessibility – making sure that our clients know their lawyers and have regular access to them. Our clients deserve to consult with and regularly work with the people that actually handle their cases. This means more than just an initial meeting and instead means a cell phone number and email address in your contact list that you know will take your call, text you back, and respond to your email. We intend to partner with you and be available to you as we fight to get you the justice you deserve.

Where We Work

Our Pittsburgh office is conveniently located to serve you for any Western Pennsylvania claims.


If you’re looking for a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer to guide you through the complex claim process contact us at our Center City office.

New Jersey

Our attorneys have handled cases from Camden to Cape May up to Essex and everywhere in between. Our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers is committed to providing expert legal representation to individuals and families throughout New Jersey.

Across the United States

We investigate complex personal injury cases across the nation. No matter where you are, our experienced legal team will take your call.

Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but regularly associate with attorneys around the country for court admission in other states to represent clients.

In an accident? Let us help.

Contact Injury Law Partners today to schedule a consultation and experience the unwavering dedication and exceptional representation that set us apart. Together, we will fight for your rights and pursue the best possible outcome for your case.


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