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Celebratory Vehicles and Safety – The Truths No One Wants to Consider

injur law blog articke | Injury Law Partners - Personal Injury Lawyers

On May 5, a group of 24 people were traveling through Maryland on the northbound lanes of I-95. Around 6:00 am, the party bus carrying the passengers lost control and crashed near mile marker 77 along the northbound lanes.

Tragically, the crash killed an innocent victim – a 30 year old woman from Philadelphia – who was likely traveling with friends and planned to enjoy a lighthearted weekend. Instead, she died, and the other 23 victims were all rushed to a nearby hospital.

We have since learned that Just Becuz Entertainment, a Philadelphia-based entity, was carrying the passengers.

The Baltimore Sun reported the bus “was not registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is ‘supporting local and state safety partners in the response’ to the crash, according to an agency spokesperson. This registration is required for companies that operate commercial vehicles transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate commerce, according to the administration’s website.”

This is an egregious example of complete disregard for public safety. When members of the public identify limousines or party buses, regulations are likely the last thing on their minds. Instead, they assume that anyone marketing themselves to the public has taken the proper steps to ensure their safety.

ILP Partner David Langsam shares, “flagrant regulatory violations often go hand-in-hand with needless tragedies like this one. We do not know the cause of this accident, or specifically what caused the incident at this time, but we do know that Just Becuz was operating irresponsibly and it cost someone their life.”

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